Candidates Sought for South Dakota Poet Laureate, 2023-2027

The South Dakota State Poetry Society Board of Directors will be accepting applications between November 1 and December 1, 2022, from poets who wish to be considered for South Dakota Poet Laureate. The Poet Laureate celebrates and promotes poetry reading and writing across the state by initiating programs, projects, and activities that help accomplish these goals.

Candidates themselves must apply. Third party applications will not be considered. Please note that the Poet Laureate of South Dakota does not receive a stipend for their service. 

Interviews for qualified applicants will take place in January, 2023. The Board’s recommendation will be given to the Governor for consideration in February, 2023. The Poet Laureate position is for four years, July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2027.

Applicants for the position must be residents of South Dakota and must have written and published poetry of recognized merit.  Applications are open November 1-December 1, 2022. To be considered, applicants should prepare a document with the following:

1. A letter of application to the South Dakota State Poetry Society that outlines intended activities, projects, programs, and/or other ideas for the promotion and celebration of poetry across the state.

2. A resumé or curriculum vitae. 

3. Contact information, including telephone number, e-mail and mailing

addresses.  Application deadline is December 1, 2022.

Media or applicants with questions should contact SDSPS Secretary Holly Moseley at


  • SDSPS will budget up to $1,000 annually for distribution as SDSPS Mini Grants for projects that help SDSPS further its mission.
  • Up to four SDSPS Mini Grants of up to $250 each in matching funds may be distributed annually.


  • An SDSPS Mini Grant Committee shall be formed of three SDSPS Board Members, and shall be reviewed annually at the June meeting by the SDSPS Board.
  • Any current SDSPS member may submit a proposal to the SDSPS Mini Grant Program for up to $250 in matching funds to promote poets or poetry in South Dakota.
  • The procedure for applying for SDSPS Mini Grants shall be as follows:
  • The SDSPS Mini Grant Committee shall put out a call for proposals in  Pasque Petals. The committee may also use other media avenues for publicizing the call for proposals.
  • Any current SDSPS member, including South Dakota Poet Laureates, may submit a proposal to the SDSPS Mini Grant Committee.

Please upload the following as one PDF document:

1) A cover letter summarizing the request and indicating how the proposed project helps SDSPS fulfill its mission.

2) A brief Project Narrative that includes the following sections:

  • Overview: Describe the project in 2-3 sentences.
  • Needs Statement: What need does this project meet? Who will it serve
  • Project Description: Describe the project in more detail, including a timeline and personnel (including volunteers) who will carry it out. Include start and final dates for the project.
  • Assessment: How will you measure the success of your project? How will it help SDSPS fulfill its mission?

3) Project Budget: Include a total project budget that indicates how the funds requested from SDSPS will be spent, as well as how you will secure the required matching dollars. (Your project's total budget must be a minimum of $500, but may be larger.) 

4) A plan for how SDSPS shall be recognized as a sponsor at all activities of the projects that receive an SDSPS Mini Grant. Specifically, information about joining SDSPS and/or submitting work to Pasque Petals shall be made available to all people associated with or attending the project. (We will email you more details and our logo when your proposal is accepted.)

5) A Final Report of awarded projects shall be submitted no more than 30 days following the final date of the project. We will let you know where and how to submit the final report that should include the following:

  • An overview of the completed project.
  • An evaluation of the completed project using the measures that were proposed in the original proposal
  • A financial statement indicating how the SDSPS mini-grant funds were spent.
  • Receipts corresponding with the income and expenses (related to mini-grant) on the financial statement.
  • Copies of any program or print advertising for the project, and/or links to any online materials to show that SDSPS was recognized as a supporter and that participants received information about how to join SDSPS and submit to Pasque Petals and SDSPS contests.

Please note, when the Poetry Mini-Grant Committee reviews proposals and/or requests for sponsorship, they will be asking these questions:

  • Does the project or idea help SDSPS meet its mission?
  • Does SDSPS have the cash resources needed to sponsor this event?
  • Does SDSPS have the volunteer resources needed to sponsor this event?
  • Will the project cast SDSPS in a good light and make people want to be part of the organization?
  • Is the person or group proposing the idea able to volunteer to see it through?
  • Is the person proposing the idea a current SDSPS member?
  • Are there other groups or people we could partner with to make this happen in a bigger way to celebrate and encourage South Dakota poems & poem-making?

If you have any questions about the Mini-Grant program, please send a message to SDSPS through our website's contact page: 

Learn more about other SDSPS Membership benefits and how to join here:

South Dakota State Poetry Society